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Cueponi Educational

Empowering students to flourish in academic settings and financial literacy. 

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cueponi [kʷepoːni] (verb): to flourish, to grow, to blossom, as in flower

Our Mission

To provide equitable educational services to at-risk students and their parents in order to bridge the educational gap among communities of color through summer programming, postsecondary educational planning, and access to financial literacy.

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Summer Programs

Bridging the Summer Gap 

Opportunities in liberal arts studies for students to work on self-enrichment by setting and evaluating short- and long-term goals through an academic lens. 

Postsecondary Education

Opportunities for All

Tools for students and parents to engage in discourse about 

postsecondary educational


Financial Literacy

Sustainable Financial Behavior

Workshops and coaching to teach the community practical and behaviorally 

sound strategies on how to use money as a tool for their upward mobility. 

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