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The issues affecting at-risk families' access to summer programming, postsecondary education, and financial literacy are intersectional. In short, the gap created by the lack of summer programming and the lack of financial literacy can set students back academically as they prepare for and get through college.  

For students from low-income homes to attend and complete college, they need to understand the myriad opportunities and resources available to help them. Summer programming targeting college preparedness, goal setting, career planning, and financial literacy provide ideal opportunities for students to begin preparing for the real-world decisions students will have to make after (and sometimes during) high school. They also need to have reliable knowledge and a practical set of skills to intelligently manage their money as they enter and get through college.  

Financial literacy is important for any home in order to maintain sustainable finances for the better of a family. There are already so many systemic issues that stand in the way of wealth building for communities of color, but financial literacy can help with the money management component of a home’s finances. As predatory financial institutions make their financial services and products more complicated to understand, individuals who are not financially literate are more at-risk to be taken advantage of financially.  

Cueponi Educational designs curriculum with this intersectional reality in mind.  


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